Advanced Skin Repair Treatment (Polynucleotides)

Do you feel your skin on your face, neck and chest is showing signs of ageing?

When you look in the mirror do your eyes appear more tired due to dark circles and wrinkles?

Do you want smoother and tighter skin?

Do you want to feel more confident in your skin?

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What are polynucleotides?

They are biostimulators which means they regenerate your skin cells. They teach your skin cells to act like they did when they were younger! They are more than just a skin booster. They don’t just provide hydration- they feed the skin helping them produce collagen and elastin for longer, which results in stronger, younger looking skin with less wrinkles. They also have amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the benefits of Polynucleotides?

  • Smoother, tighter & younger looking skin on the face, neck and body 
  • Improvement in dark circles and mild under eye hollowing
  • More confidence in your skin and in yourself
  • Eyes appear fresher and less tired
  • Improvement in Rosacea (redness to the face)

About the procedure

No. of Treatments: A minimum of 3 sessions required

Procedure Time: 45 minutes per session

Discomfort Level: Very low

Results: Improvement visible after 2nd treatment and continues to improve

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How do polynucleotides work in the skin?

They target the cells that produce collagen and elastin (Fibroblasts) and this promotes skin hydration and collagen synthesis. They also protect against free radicals (unstable molecules which accelerate ageing in the skin) and help build up the extra cellular matrix (ECM). ECM is a large network of proteins and molecules that surround, support and give structure to cells and tissues in the body. Its essential to have a high quality ECM for healthy skin.

What are polynucleotides good for?

They can be either a preventative treatment for younger skin or a recovery treatment for ageing skin. The surge in collagen production, hydration and elasticity means that polynucleotides are like a super charged injectable moisturiser.
They can be used to tackle any crepey skin on the face, neck or chest. They are very useful around the eyes to treat a mild hollow and dark circles, particularly in those who might not be suitable for tear trough filler or might have a tendency to go puffy if treated with hyaluronic-acid based products.
Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, they are very successful at treating the symptoms of Rosacea. Rosacea is a long-term skin condition which results in redness across the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.

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Advanced Skin Repair Treatment (Polynucleotides)

Before and after Polynucleotides

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Amy was so thorough at explaining the whole process from start to finish. I hate needles and it was my first time ever getting filler but she put me at ease and even gave me a stress ball for comfort! She is so professional and I honestly wouldn’t be able to trust anyone else with my face – Carmen

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Seeing Dr Amy was a beautiful and relaxing experience she made me feel so good and explained everything beautiful person – Margaret

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Frequently asked questions

What results will I see from polynucleotides?

Less wrinkles and crepiness. Skin will be more hydrated and look smoother. Inflammation is reduced which can reduced the redness that comes with rosacea. Dark circles will also be improved

Does the treatment hurt?

A topical numbing cream is applied beforehand to make the procedure very comfortable

Will this help my severely sun damaged neck and chest?

Yes this treatment is phenomenal at improving the skin on these areas to reduce the crepiness and lines.

What are polynucleotides made from?

The molecules are made from fragments of fish DNA which is extracted from salmon sperm as this closely resembles human DNA.

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