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There are literally thousands of skincare products on the market today and choosing a quality product that will actually work for your skin concerns, can seem daunting. Dr Amy Law recommends Obagi medical products, for a whole host of skin issues and conditions due to their efficacy and proven ability to treat a variety of complexion problems.

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What are Obagi medical products?

Obagi Medical Products were developed and perfected by Dr Zein Obagi, an award-winning dermatologist and skin expert.

These products are famed all over the world for their efficacy and have changed the lives of many people who suffer with skin issues.

Obagi medical products are formulated to transform your skin from within, resulting in a healthier, younger looking complexion.

They can treat a range of skin concerns including acne, pigmentation, melasma (dark spots), uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Obagi is designed for all skin types and all ages from 16+.

obagi skincare products for all women

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Can I buy Obagi skincare from a shop or pharmacy?

As Obagi skincare and medical products are high-grade and powerful, it is not possible to buy them from a regular shop or pharmacy.

To be safe and effective, they need to be prescribed by an Obagi-trained specialist.

Dr Amy says…

If your using over the counter products and not seeing any improvement it is time to switch to medical grade products. These are formulated with a much higher percentage strength of active ingredient to create a cellular change within the skin and therefore create long term change. Over the counter cosmeceuticals cannot be formulated with this high percentage of active ingredient and therefore will not penetrate deep enough within the skin to cause long term change.

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Which Obagi medical product is right for my skin concern?

As Obagi products are medical-grade, Dr Amy will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation and skin analysis, to find the exact treatments and products to suit your individual skin concerns.

This means that results will be achieved much faster and your skin will benefit from the specific products that she advises you use, as opposed to ‘guessing’ which products may or may not suit your skin.

What our clients say about us

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Amy was so thorough at explaining the whole process from start to finish. I hate needles and it was my first time ever getting filler but she put me at ease and even gave me a stress ball for comfort! She is so professional and I honestly wouldn’t be able to trust anyone else with my face – Carmen

5 out of 5
Anti-wrinkle injections 3 areas

Dr Amy is the best! She did my anti-wrinkle injections and I love it, she makes you feel so comfortable as soon as you enter the room and I know I will be in the best of hands when she does my future treatments!

5 out of 5
Lip Enhancement up to 1ml

It was my first ever treatment of this kind and Amy could not have been more reassuring. She was a natural at making feel at ease and explained everything so thoroughly. Amy took the time to talk through other concerns I have and her experience was plain to see. Excellent service on all levels.

5 out of 5

Seeing Dr Amy was a beautiful and relaxing experience she made me feel so good and explained everything beautiful person – Margaret

5 out of 5

Frequently asked questions

What are the side effects of Obagi Medical Products?

If using tretinoin you may experience some redness, dryness and peeling initially. This is normal and should subside after a few weeks whilst your skin gets used to the product.

How long will it take for me to see results?

A skin cycle is 6 weeks and therefore it will take a minimum of 6 weeks to start noticing a change to your skin when starting a new skincare product. It is important to be patient with your skin because your skin condition didn’t decline overnight and therefore it will take time to see an improvement. It can take 3-6 months minimum to see a long term change in your skin condition.

Are there any contraindications that prevent use of Obagi Medical Products?
  • Active infection
  • Allergy to  Tretinoin
  • Under 16 yrs old

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