Aqualyx® fat dissolving injections

A non-invasive, safe and effective injectable substance which dissolves fatty deposits under the skin, which are tough to budge

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What is Aqualyx®?

Aqualyx®is a non-invasive, safe and effective injectable substance which dissolves fatty deposits under the skin, which are tough to budge. It was developed by renowned aesthetic surgeon the late Professor Motolese, Aqualyx® and has been used internationally since 2009. Since this time, over 2,000,000 vials have been used in 49 countries, worldwide. Aqualyx® contains desoxycholan acid, a secondary bile acid, produced by the liver which aids the digestion of fat. The substance in Aqualyx® is a synthetically manufactured variant of our own desoxycholan acid and mimics its properties when dissolving subcutaneous fat in areas of the body and face. The active substance locks on to the fat cell walls, making them unstable and causing them to release the fatty acid within them. The fatty acid is removed by the bodys’ own, natural defenses and the non-attached fatty acids are metabolized by the body and converted in to energy.

Where on the face can Aqualyx® be administered?

Aqualyx® can be administered in areas such as:-

  • Chin (Pockets of Fat under the chin)
  • Arm Fat (Bingo Wing Area)
  • Back fat  (Bra Rolls/ back fat)
  • Love handles

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections

Am I suitable for Aqualyx® with Dr Amy Law?

Before any non-surgical treatment can take place, Dr Amy will ask that you attend a no obligation, comprehensive consultation, to discuss your concerns and to also take a full medical history. This will ensure the certainty that Aqualyx® will be a safe and suitable treatment for you to undergo. After this initial meeting and upon Dr Amy’s agreement to go ahead, you can book your first treatment session.

What our clients say about us

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Amy was so thorough at explaining the whole process from start to finish. I hate needles and it was my first time ever getting filler but she put me at ease and even gave me a stress ball for comfort! She is so professional and I honestly wouldn’t be able to trust anyone else with my face – Carmen

5 out of 5
Anti-wrinkle injections 3 areas

Dr Amy is the best! She did my anti-wrinkle injections and I love it, she makes you feel so comfortable as soon as you enter the room and I know I will be in the best of hands when she does my future treatments!

5 out of 5
Lip Enhancement up to 1ml

It was my first ever treatment of this kind and Amy could not have been more reassuring. She was a natural at making feel at ease and explained everything so thoroughly. Amy took the time to talk through other concerns I have and her experience was plain to see. Excellent service on all levels.

5 out of 5

Seeing Dr Amy was a beautiful and relaxing experience she made me feel so good and explained everything beautiful person – Margaret

5 out of 5

Frequently asked questions

How many treatments of Aqualyx® are needed for optimum results?

The number of treatments you might need for your individual concern will vary, depending on the dimensions of the fat deposit and your individual response to the injections. On average you should expect to have between 3 to 5 treatment sessions, in 6-8 week intervals.

What happens during an Aqualyx® treatment?

Dr Amy will clean and sterilize the skin at the treatment sites. She will then inject the solution using a specially manufactured Aqualyx® cannula, with a specific, trained technique. It can be uncomfortable in some areas and therefore an anaesthetic solution might be added, depending on the area treated. However, this treatment is relatively comfortable.

Is there any downtime following an Aqualyx® treatment?

You might experience a warm sensation, moderate itching, slight burning and reddening of the area, for up to 3 days following your Aqualyx® treatment. Swelling can be quite severe for the first few days so ensure you have no big plans in the days following treatment. Swelling & firmness can last between 2-6 weeks.

How long do the results last?

Results are long term, however Aqualyx® is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise and will no promote weight loss. Therefore it’s important that you take care of yourself after your treatment, so you do not put on fat in other areas of the body.

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