Patient Journey

I believe that every patient should be listened to and feel safe. They shouldn’t be rushed or feel pressurised into any treatment. The consultation should be an open space where each individual can tell their story about their WHY for wanting treatment. Results should always be natural and undetectable to others. If this is what you’re looking for in a clinic then I am here for you.

I explain to my patients that their skin and face all start a journey with me. Whether it is to smooth away lines, restore lost volume or simply get effective skincare advise, I will create a bespoke treatment plan for each individual patient. Everyone’s skin and face are unique and therefore I have to tailor the treatment specifically to the individual.

My ethos is to never over treat any of my patients. I will always offer a variety of treatment options which I deem to be the most suitable following a thorough consultation. If there was ever a treatment that I felt wasn’t right for the patient, I have the right to refuse treatment. I have an ethical responsibility as a medical practitioner to always act in the patient’s best interests. I want to ensure any treatment is the most beneficial to your health, happiness and wellbeing.

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1. Make an enquiry and book your consultation

Give us a call, book in online or get in touch via our contact form. One of my friendly staff members will be able to book you in for a consultation at a time suitable for you. You will then receive an email confirming your appointment.

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2. Appointment Reminder

You will receive an appointment reminder 48 hours before you are due to attend along with instructions on how to reach us

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3. Arriving for your consultation

There is metered parking available on the road of the clinic or there are larger car parks a short 5-minute walk from the clinic. You will be greeted by with a warm welcome and taken into the waiting area.

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4. Your Consultation

This will take place with myself and usually last 30-45 minutes. During this time, we will discuss your concerns, what you are hoping to achieve and talk about how you look after your skin. I will run through all the possible treatment options, what is involved and the risks. Following this, I will work together with you to create a personalised treatment plan.

cooling off Dr Amy Law Cosmetic Clinic Liverpool

5. Cooling off period

You will always be offered time to reflect and consider the information provided so that when you do choose to embark on treatment, you haven’t felt rushed or pressured in any way.

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6. Your treatment

Your consent form will be sent out 24 hours before your appointment so you have time to read it in privacy, I will go over the consent form prior to treatment to ensure you have understood everything and have time to ask questions. Once your treatment is complete, I will then schedule your next appointment or a review appointment. As part of the service I will also offer to book you in for a complimentary skin health assessment at this stage.

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7. Your feedback

Within 24hrs you will receive an email asking for your feedback in a review. This is very important for me so I can always offer the best service for you

follow up Dr Amy Law Cosmetic Clinic Liverpool

8. Follow Up Appointment and Aftercare

You will always be offered a follow up appointment either in clinic or via zoom, whichever is the most convenient to you. This will enable you to ask any further questions and review your needs.

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