Bump on Nose

(Dorsal Bump)

Do you avoid photos from certain angles because of a bump in your nose or a nose deviation?

Does the shape or size of your nose affect your confidence?

Do you want to spend less time worried about the shape of your nose?

If so, I can help you. Get in touch for a consultation.

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What are the benefits of treating a nose bump?

  • Nose appears straighter and smaller in your facial profile 
  • You feel more confident to have photos taken
  • You feel more confident in yourself

About the procedure

No. of Treatments: One, occasionally a second treatment is required if the bump is more severe

Procedure Time: 45 minutes per session

Discomfort Level: None to very low

Results: Immediate but full results are seen after four weeks

How long it lasts: 12-18 months

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Before and after Treatment

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Why choose Dr Amy?

  • My passion is always about achieving natural looking results and maintaining your individuality. Your safety is my priority and I will always put your needs first. I will never recommend a treatment or product that isn’t backed up by science and results. 
  • Every treatment is specifically tailored to the individual and that is why I take a lot of time during the consultation to understand you and your goals, so I can design the most medically appropriate treatment for you.
  • I am always mindful of budget and will always try to offer the best solution to fit your needs at the best price, whilst ensuring the quality of care and results is not compromised. I am extremely honest when it comes to results and I will say no if I feel a treatment is not suitable.
  • My main goal is always to ensure you have a wonderful experience and natural looking results


Due to individual differences the results, downtime and recovery following treatment can vary between patients. This is because we are all unique. The information given has been based off the experience I have gained from treating a wide variety of patients, from both sexes and all different ages. To ensure you get the most accurate information about how the treatment experience would work for you please book a consultation with me.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Bump on Nose?

A bump on the nose, or a dorsal bump, is often seen on the side profile of the nose. It is often an undesired shape to the bridge of the nose which can make the nose look bigger than it actually is.

What causes a bump on the nose?

Genetics: A nose with a bump is often inherited from one of the parents.

Injury: Trauma to the nose can result in an excess of bone or cartilage forming. This can form a bump on the nose or making an existing one more prominent

What treatments are available?

Dermal filler is used to disguise the bump on the nose. By adding volume above the bump, it makes the bump more inconspicuous and actually makes the nose look smaller and straighter in profile. I will also assess the projection of the chin because the chin plays an important role in how we view our nose. A weaker chin puts more emphasis on our nose and therefore it is sometimes advisable to improve the chin projection to further compliment the nose treatment by making the nose fit better in your facial profile.

What is the downtime after treatment?

There is no downtime, however it’s advisable to avoid wearing glasses for 2 weeks after the treatment. There will be some mild swelling but this will reduce after a few days

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