Brow Droop

Have you noticed that your brows have become flatter?

Do you find that you have more hooded eyes? 

Do you feel you look more tired?

Are you after a non- surgical treatment that will improve the appearance of your eyebrows and make you look more awake?

If so, I can help you. Get in touch for a consultation.

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What are the benefits of treating a brow droop?

  • Eyes look more awake and less tired
  • More youthful appearance
  • Eyebrows more lifted
  • Less wrinkles around the eye 

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Before and after Treatment

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Why choose Dr Amy?

  • My passion is always about achieving natural looking results and maintaining your individuality. Your safety is my priority and I will always put your needs first. I will never recommend a treatment or product that isn’t backed up by science and results. 
  • Every treatment is specifically tailored to the individual and that is why I take a lot of time during the consultation to understand you and your goals, so I can design the most medically appropriate treatment for you.
  • I am always mindful of budget and will always try to offer the best solution to fit your needs at the best price, whilst ensuring the quality of care and results is not compromised. I am extremely honest when it comes to results and I will say no if I feel a treatment is not suitable.
  • My main goal is always to ensure you have a wonderful experience and natural looking results


Due to individual differences the results, downtime and recovery following treatment can vary between patients. This is because we are all unique. The information given has been based off the experience I have gained from treating a wide variety of patients, from both sexes and all different ages. To ensure you get the most accurate information about how the treatment experience would work for you please book a consultation with me.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a brow droop?

A brow droops of the eyebrow is a very common sign of ageing. Due to the skin loosing its firmness and elasticity resulting in more hooding over the eyelid.

What causes a brow droop?

With age we lose supporting fatty tissue around the eyebrow in the forehead and temples which causes the brow to drop. We also lose collagen and elastin in our skin which causes more sagging. The facial muscles holding your eyebrow in place begin to stretch and move more which causes the eyebrows to be pulled down.

What treatments are available?

At the clinic we offer a Botox eyebrow lift to relax the muscles around the eye which will lift up the brows. Botox is used very carefully to ensure the result is natural and you don’t end up with a surprised expression. The amount of lift will vary between individuals and this depends on your age and muscle tone.

Dermal filler is also used to restore loss of volume in the temples and forehead which helps to further improve the appearance of your eyebrows. It will help to lengthen your brows and take away any skeletal appearance to the upper face which will make you look less tired and more youthful.

To read more about temple and forehead rejuvenation click here.

Sometimes the only option is surgery and Dr Amy is very honest with expectations and will recommend this if she feels the result, you are after is not able to be achieved non surgically.

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